This month we celebrate two years in our new location!   It has been an honor to work in such a great space with some of the most amazing people I have ever known.   Let’s keep this crazy ball rolling!

I hint at a lot of stuff during class.   Here are the details to some of those topics:


What is Neuro Ophthalmology?

The UT Cole Educational Series resumes this Wednesday, 1 November, with “Frequently Asked Questions about Neuro Ophthalmology and Parkinson’s” with Dr. Adam DeBusk, Neuro Ophthalmologist at UTMC.   The program is at 2:00-3:00 pm at the Messiah Lutheran Church (across from PF Chang’s on Kingston Pike).  Click HERE to register and for more details.


“I’m not drunk.  I have Parkinson’s.”

Tennesseans can privately disclose their disability to law enforcement and first responders. This can be important during a traffic stop or emergency because the responders will understand that you might move and speak differently and need special consideration for medical purposes.   You can add your information to your vehicle registration so that when they run your license plate number, the information is available.

If you want to add this to your registration,, fill out the “ Application for Precious Cargo Designation on a Tennessee Registration” form on the TN Dept. of Revenue’s website and take it to your county clerk’s office.


Punching for Parkinson’s is less than a week away!!

Next Saturday at 11:00 at Black Dog Fitness is the big fight for Punching for Parkinson’s 2023.   Sign up to punch and collect some donations,  Donate (we are 82% of the way to the goal) or just come see the spectacle!  Food, Folks, Fun and Fighting!!!

All of the money raised goes to help PK Hope is Alive, the Oak Ridge PD Support Group, help local people with Parkinson’s get out and exercise with classes, financial aid and equipment.  Several of your classmates benefit from the financial aid.  Help them keep coming and FIGHTING BACK!


Miss the Symposium?

(or just want another chance to understand it?)

The full video of the 2023 UTMC Parkinson’s Symposium is now available online on YouTube or on the Cole Center’s webpage at

Here is program agenda, including times:

Parkinson’s Overview (Video Time – 7:46) 

Dr. Shadi Barbu, MD

Functional Neurosurgery for Parkinson’s Disease (Video Time – 1:02:14)

Dr. Carter Gerard, Neurosurgeon

Non-Medication Treatment Options (Video Time – 1:43:30)

Dr. Luis Zayas, MD, PT

Keynote Presentation: Parkinson’s is not a Disease but Many: Splitting Over Lumping is Key to Finding Cures (Video Time: 2:51:06)

Alberto Espay, MD, MSc, FAAN, FANA

The Future of Parkinson’s Care: What’s in the Research Pipeline? (Video Time: 3:45:38)

Christopher Tolleson, MD


Parkinson’s Products

If you are interested in any of the helpful products for living with Parkinson’s, here is the list of them and where to buy them.


“How are you doing?”

When you joined Black Dog Fitness you should have done an initial assessment (Stand on one foot, turn in a circle, step over the step, etc.).   If not, we will be contacting you soon. But, in order to see how you are doing, we do these same assessments every year.

I will have a sign-up sheet for re-assessment times.  Please pick a time (and then show up) so that we can accomplish your annual assessment to see how you are doing and what we could be doing more, better, less, more often to help you FIGHT BACK better.

If you are tech savvy, you can sign up on Google Docs here.


Small Group Training

If you want a more custom workout for less than of the cost of one-on-one training, small group training is a great option. You get the camaraderie of a class but attention and customization of personal training. Sarah and Zach are both available.  Recruit 3 or 4 people with similar capabilities and goals and let’s give it a shot!  Contact me for details.


“I know a guy.”

If you know someone who wants to be a Rock Steady Boxing Coach, group boxing coach and/or a Personal Trainer for people with Parkinson’s, please have them email or call me – (865) 387-0415.  I am going at full speed and just barely keeping up.  Adding a new coach or trainer would help us expand and enhance our programs without killing me.  Our neuro-boring friend have seen how awesome you all are doing, so now we have a lot of demand for more boxing training/classes.   HELP!!!


Thanksgiving Schedule

Black Dog Fitness will be closed on Wednesday 22 November through Sunday November 26 November in observance of Thanksgiving.  There will be no classes or training.  And thus the eating season begins.


That is all the news from Black Dog Fitness.


See you around the gym and keep…



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