The Gym with a Mission.

We are dedicated to helping people with Parkinson’s in Knoxville get the exercise they need.

We specialize in

  • Exercise for Parkinson’s disease
  • Mental Health Support
  • Exercise Stroke Recovery

Movement is medicine for the body and mind.  

Zach Guza, CPT, founded Black Dog Fitness to help others improve their mental and physical health through exercise and community. Along the way, he learned about the benefits of exercise for people with Parkinson’s disease.  (So, Why Parkinson’s?)

Black Dog Fitness has become a center of fitness and support for anyone in Knoxville Tennessee with Parkinson’s disease.

Exercise is the only true treatment for Parkinson’s.   We are here to help you FIGHT BACK AGAINST PARKINSON’S DISEASE!

East Tennessee’s Only Gym Dedicated to Fighting Parkinson’s Disease

Research has shown over and over again that exercise is a vital component of combating Parkinson’s disease. It is the only thing that truly treats Parkinson’s – everything else (drugs, surgery, shots, supplements) only mask the symptoms.  Regular exercise can slow, stop, or even reverse the progression Parkinson’s disease.  If your neurologist doesn’t tell you to exercise, get a new neurologist.

Black Dog Fitness is East Tennessee’s only gym dedicated to helping people with Parkinson’s with One-on-one training, fitness classes and online workouts and support.

Don’t wait for a crisis.  Would you wait to get worse before you took a drug proven to make you feel better?  Exercise slows the progression of Parkinson’s no matter what stage of PD you are in. The sooner you start exercising, the sooner you will feeling better.  

Rock Steady Boxing

Rock Steady Boxing was the first program in the country dedicated to the fight against Parkinson’s disease. Our exercises are non-contact (no one gets hit) adaptations of boxing drills. 

But, it isn’t just boxing.  We do anything and everything that will help reinforce you body against the effects of Parkinson’s – balance, strength, agility, voice.   We don’t pull any punches.

In the News

We have been fortunate to be featured by various organizations.
Here are a few of the most recent.


a home-health series with The Parkinson’s Foundation where I discuss tips & movements to promote posture & strength


an interview with The Davis Phinney Foundation on becoming a Parkinson’s Disease Exercise Specialist


an interview and conversation with Dr. Carole Myers about the benefits of physical fitness for mental health

Join Us

Our membership structure is designed to fit your schedule and budget.  You can sign up for any number of classes per a week or unlimited access.  You can stick to one program or mix and match classes to fit your needs or schedule

Click Here to see our weekly class schedule and information on all of our classes.

Want to work out at home?

Through our YouTube channel, The Parkinson’s Gym, you have access to tons of Free at-home workouts, interviews, blogs and daily living “hacks” for living with Parkinson’s.  And now it is Free on YouTube!


We offer one-on-one and small group personal training for anyone looking to get stronger, learn to box or reach their unique goals.

Our Trainers Specialize in working with people with Parkinson’s or other Neurological disorders however.

Personal training is the most effective way to develop the best form, and have that extra accountability.