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Our motto is pretty simple: Healthy body for a healthy mind for a better life.

We have all been on the “outside” and understand what you are up against – life, family, motivation, body image, back pain, confidence.  We want to help you make fitness a part of you life for the long term. Whether you want to get stronger, learn to box or just get moving again, we can help.

It was depression that led me to exercise as a means to strengthen both my mind and my body.  For you, it may be high blood pressure, pre-diabetes or even Parkinson’s disease. Or you could just sick anbd tired of being sick tired.

You can do it. Even if you have fallen off the fitness wagon before, you can get back on, and you might even enjoy the ride.

One-on-one training or small group training are customized to you and your goals.  Your trainer is here to help you determine your path to getting healthy and then lead you down that path.







“Exercise is important for everyone, no matter your age or health status. Even if you have a condition such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, or arthritis, exercise can help.”

– Johns Hopkins University

Your body is made to move and your brain is made to move it.  They both depend on each other to stay healthy. 

 Don’t wait for a crisis to start feeling better.


When you workout, it should be practice for your life.   That is why it is called training – you are getting ready to do whatever it is that you want to do outside the gym – pick stuff up, get off the floor, push and pull things around, prevent injury, not get sick, go places and do things.

Gyms have gone off the rails by training people to do stuff that they will never do.  I can count on one thumb the number of times I have needed to do a chest fly.  And the Hip Abductor/Adductor machines creep me out.  Machines that isolate one specific muscle group, muscle or muscle part were designed by bodybuilders to improve to look of a muscle, not the function.  I have yet to see an Amazon package with ergonomic handles and adjustable pads.

Train to live better.   Personal Training at Black Dog Fitness will help you learn and strengthen natural movements so that your body works more effectively and efficiently.   Natural movements require coordination between almost every muscle in your body – your core as the central pillar and your arms and legs as the “manipulators”.   The shoulders and hips join it all together.  They all have to be equally strong.

Mega Prius

If you were to put monster truck tires on a Prius with no other improvements, other parts of the car would fail.   The axles could not control that much weight, the chasis would bend and the poor little motor would just die.

It all has to work together or none of it will work at all.


Whether you want to…

  • Loose Weight
  • Get Stronger
  • Learn to Box
  • Get Healthy

Contact us.  We can help.

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If you have Parkinson’s, exercise is required. It’s the only thing that truly treats the disease.  Everything else (drugs, surgery, therapies) only cover the symptoms.

I am the only Parkinson’s Exercise Specialist in the Knoxville area. If you are serious about fighting back against Parkinson’s, Black Dog Fitness is where you need to be.

With one-on-one training, I can help you develop a fitness program that can be part good part of your life. Just because exercise is required doesn’t mean that it has to be bad.

Contact me. No matter the circumstances, we can build a program that will make your mind and body stronger and  resistant to the progression of Parkinson’s.