Eliminate your back pain in one month.

No drugs.  No shots.  No gimmicks.  No special equipment.  No perpetual “adjustments”.

We use vague expressions like “I pulled my back” or “I threw my back out.” Not exactly a diagnosis.

And our only recourse is to take some drugs and wait for it to go away.

80% of Americans have back pain and the numbers are only increasing.  Back pain is a leading cause of doctor visits, disability and opioid addiction.

And for me,  the back pain rarely came from definite (or cool) source like deadlifting a burning Harley off of someone’s baby. It was usually something dumb like putting my sock on or “sleeping wrong”.

I can help.

Back Pain not an inevitable result of getting old. Your back is an amazing and incredibly strong machine.   You just have to use it properly and keep it strong.

In four, one-hour sessions, you will learn how your back works, how to use it and how to strengthen it.  How to lift, turn, sit and even stand and properly can change your life.

A combination of learning and doing will teach you the form and purpose of good posture, proper lifting and a strong core.

I’m 68 years old and moved over 100 80-pound bags of concrete in one weekend without hurting my back.    I never could have done that before taking the Back Class.

Stop Living in Pain

This class could change your life.

Class Schedule and Agenda

Classes are Wednesdays at 5:00 until 6:00 pm at Black Dog Fitness.The next class starts on October 19th.

Oct 19th

  • Anatomy
  • “The Brace”
  • Back Function and Movement

Oct 26th

  • Disease and Injury
  • Daily Exercises
  • Fundamental Exercises
  • Stretches

Nov 2nd

  • Treatments
  • Posture
  • Posture Exercises and stretches

 Nov 9th

  • Review of Anatomy, Injury and disease
  • Perfect the Fundamental Exercises
  • Accessory Exercise

There are a limited number of seats available in each class.  I keep the class size small so I can ensure that everyone is doing the exercises correctly and getting good results.

Contact me for more information or if you have any questions.

Early Bird Discount!!!

“How Much?”

The entire program is $160

Sign up before October 1st and get $40 off.

That is less than one doctor visit or “adjustment”.  But this will last forever.  4 one-hour sessions can save you from a life of constant back pain.

I have been there.

 Exercise not only helped me treat my depression but it has eliminated my back pain.  I went from being diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease to painlessly carrying a 300 pound mattress up the steps.

Ever since I became a personal trainer, I have been helping people reduce and eliminate their back pain through knowledge, perfect form and strength.  If you have back pain, this is how you get rid of it.

I come from a family with back pain.  My dad had two back surgeries and both of my brothers suffer from back pain. 

I was also a helicopter pilot in the Air Force.  Sitting in that seat (which is basically an armored lawn chair), with three pounds of gear on my head, hunched over the cyclic stick and reaching for the collective lever while getting bounced around the sky did terrible things to my back.

I have spent many days frozen in bed with back pain.

But not any more.

Contact me if you have any questions.

The Small Print:    Zach Guza is an experienced Certified Personal Trainer – not a medical professional.  He is not qualified to treat or diagnose medical problems or diseases.  Zach’s specialty is movement and strengthening.  The information provided in this course is meant to help improve body mechanics and safely strengthen the back, core and supporting muscles.  If  a participant has been diagnosed with a muscular, spinal or skeletal injury or disorder, they are required to disclose this information and it may preclude them from being able to participate in the exercises.